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Addressing the needs of the community

By using evidence-based practices, we are closing the gap to quality care services to those experiencing health care disparities.

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Individual & Group Therapy 

Group and Individual sessions are designed to assist you to navigate life at your highest self.

By participating in group, you will realize you are NOT alone all while finding your voice. Group provides a safe, no judgement zone for you to find support amongst peers.


Individual therapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings and address your concerns. Allowing for better understanding of challenges you may face and develop strategies to overcome difficulties.

**Group sizes are small**

Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP is designed for you to address your substance use without disrupting your regular schedule. 


Group sizes are kept small to focus on your individual needs and are designed to help you manage your symptoms and develop healthy coping mechanisms as it relates to your recovery.

Our 8- week program is focused on functionality, emotional self-regulation, and addressing underlying issues, gaining the tools necessary to sustain long-term recovery.

Classes are in rotation so you can join at any point. Continuation options are available to those who can benefit from a more comprehensive trauma treatment. 

(evening & weekend groups available)

Case Management

Your case manager will understand your goals, map out a plan to accomplish them, and be an advocate for your needs. 


Case Management will also connect you to community resources which include housing, employment, primary health care, etc.

These services are focused on helping you navigate daily living and thrive in the community.  

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Therapeutic Behavior Services

TBS services include crisis prevention, restoration of social skills and daily functioning, identify strategies of treatment options, interventions using evidence-based techniques, referral to other behavioral healthcare, and non-health care services.

Mental Health Day Treatment Services

Goal-oriented service that utilizes multiple mental health interventions to address your mental health needs. The purpose is to stabilize, increase or sustain your highest level of functioning. Interpersonal and social competency as age, developmentally, and clinically appropriate.

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A Chance to Thrive

A housing scholarship program designed to address the barriers to your independence and equip you with the tools to be successful and THRIVE in the community. 


Housing, meals, personal care products, onsite laundry, and structured therapeutic services are all included in the Chance to Thrive Scholarship. 

A Chance to Thrive will assist you in:

  • Furthering your education

  • Job Development

  • Supportive Employment

  • Credit Restoration

  • Securing Permanent Housing 

SUD Case Management

These services assist and support you in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services essential to daily living.


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